Harriet Green


Conducting our lives with purpose whether in the pursuit of business or giving back is uplifting and meaningful.

The key initiatives I am passionately supporting and involved with right now are highlighted below.

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Inclusion & Diversity

As a lifelong advocate and campaigner for inclusion and diversity, I restate my pledge made over 30 years ago: “I commit to do all within my power to actively and publicly support and mentor as a passionate ally all within the LGBT+ community such that our unique differences are cherished. That it is because of this uniqueness of age, sex, colour, creed, sexuality, and physical ability that we get on, not despite them.”

Mission Beyond

Mission Beyond is a social impact initiative that aims to address some of the world’s biggest challenges through radical collaboration.

Every Child Needs a Mentor

Every Child Needs a Mentor (ECNM) was created to ensure high-quality mentoring reaches every child—regardless of their background or abilities. I am proud to be an Ambassador for this organisation.

Youth Mobility & Whizz-Kidz

Whizz-Kidz provides disabled children with the essential wheelchairs and other mobility equipment they need to lead fun and active childhoods. In 2014 myself, and a team of 7 friends and family, took on a 100 mile cycle challenge to raise £100,000 for Whizz-Kidz and the Thomas Cook Children's Charity. We are training hard to see if we can do Ride London again in 2021.

STEM for Girls & Teens in AI

Some initiatives stay with us our whole lives as they impact all involved so hugely and I am particularly proud of my role in launching STEM for Girls in India. Aiming to enable girl tech empowerment the program works on a multi-year learning curriculum, starting in grades 8 and 9. The initiative involves 50,000 volunteers from IBM to mentor 200,000 girl students across all states in more than 2,000 government secondary schools; to make a difference in encouraging a girl to continue to pursue a STEM career. The goal of changing the lives of 1 million students and 4 million teachers was unleashed! The Teens In AI initiative, launched at the AI for Good Global Summit at the UN in May 2018, exists to inspire the next generation of AI researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders who will shape the world of tomorrow. It aims to give young people early exposure to AI being developed and deployed for social good.

Photo gallery: Learning and celebrating together because of our age, sex, colour, creed, sexuality plus physical & cognitive abilities.