Harriet Green

Hi, I’m Harriet Green. Thank you for visiting my website!

I'm a businesswoman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and a passionate lifetime learner. For the last two decades, I've been leading and driving business transformations across the world.

I received my OBE for services to electronics in 2010. In 2016 I was invited to join the Women in IT Hall of Fame (WITI), and in 2019 I was named one of Fortune's Most Powerful Women Internationally. Most recently LinkedIn named me a Top Voice, one of the UK’s Top Ten Influencers.

Three passions and the intersectionality between them have shaped my journey as a purpose-driven business leader: solving complex business problems; creating environments of deep inclusion, and building cultures that embrace lifelong learning and reinvention, including developing the new skills the world needs.

As my life transitioned last year from an intensive programme of global travel and leading businesses across Asia Pac, like many of us in these new times I am learning to love living life, continuing to drive purposeful work, and focusing my time on 3 hobbies:

1. Keep Moving 🏃‍♀️

My weekly diet of daily yoga, tandem cycling, tennis and hikes, is a total privilege, and has gotten me in better shape than I have ever been, as it keeps me active and moving around from between 1 and 6 hours a day. Just last week, I completed a 500-k cycle throughout Southern Thailand on a tandem with Graham! Improving my conscious breathing and physical strength, as well as voicing my gratitude out loud every day has enhanced my wellbeing in ways that I could never have imagined. Being at peace with my mind and body also allows me to fully immerse myself in nature – here, I take inspiration from Buddhism.

2. Be creative 🎨

I am reading so much, and writing every day! Right now, I am thoroughly enthralled in a modern classic of our time, “To Paradise”, by Hanya Yanagihara. Her writing is absolutely stunning, and I recommend it to anyone in search of a deeply thought-provoking read. I want to continue reviewing books for you, as I did throughout last year (you can find all my reviews following this link: https://bit.ly/3GSGhuo). My practise of writing is yielding better prose and communication, plus my first book of fiction… is slowly coming to life! I am also finding myself creatively through dancing, and hope to be in a local Strictly Competition in May! 💃

3. Give Back 🎁

Our new Mission Beyond Charity and the Open Doors Platform are powering into 2022, and my Academies have started in Thailand, to support the Lost Girls of Covid (here’s a link to my post about this: https://bit.ly/3oQzmf4). I learn so much volunteering for the King’s Business School as an Education & Business Adviser. Plus, my business coaching and mentoring work instil me with a deep sense of giving back, and supporting young people to excel.

Keeping healthy and well, active and interested in our bodies and beautiful being, is important.
Learning new skills and breathing life into the farthest reaches of our creativity, is fun.
Conducting our lives with purpose whether in the pursuit of business or giving back is uplifting and meaningful.