Harriet Green


As a Global Business Leader, Board Director, and Business Coach, with experience living and working across 4 continents, I am often asked to keynote at major events.
Online, or in person, I think my talks resonate most powerfully at the intersection of technology-led business transformations, inclusion & diversity plus learning new skills the world needs, particularly for our younger generations.
I find the question and answer sessions of these events to be the most interesting and effective for all involved as we continue to learn from each other around the globe.
Three example keynote talks are featured below, with many more available to watch on YouTube.

The Oxford colleges of Jesus, Trinity and Wadham were delighted to welcome Harriet to address a Year 12 online audience at our Women in Sciences 2021 event. The event aimed to communicate the reality of being a woman in STEM while motivating and encouraging young female and non-binary students to pursue studies and careers in these fields. Harriet’s extensive experience in technology industries and in business, along with her passion for supporting future women in science and technology, provided an excellent opening speech to launch our event and engage our audience. Of particular note were Harriet’s advice to: be open to collaboration; develop your own philosophy and think about what makes you unique; put yourself forward and take risks; and don’t be afraid to ask for help. We thank Harriet for her welcome advice and experience, which will no doubt inspire young women considering future science and technology pathways.
Shelley Knowles
Access & Admissions Assistant, Jesus College
Harriet is a thoroughly engaging and charismatic speaker and we greatly appreciated her sharing her views and experience on leadership, learning and boosting morale at our Learning and Development Week. She is brimming with energy and enthusiasm and provides practical tips as well as setting out big ideas.
Economic Advisor for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)
Emma Smith
There is no question that I am eternally and profoundly grateful to Harriet Green, a lifelong advocate and campaigner for diversity and inclusion, for supporting and championing Teens in AI from doing the talk on the Power of You during our #AIAccelerator summer programme, to speaking about us at the keynote address at AI Summit in Singapore. During her keynote address in Singapore, Harriet emphasised the importance of upskilling young people and equipping them with the skills the world currently needs and ensuring young people are able to harness the power of technology for impact. I am humbled and enormously grateful to Harriet for championing our cause and helping us address the lack of diversity in tech and artificial intelligence.  Not only is Harriet able to offer a visionary perspective on the future of work, she also has a unique ability to inspire the next generation of technologists, innovators and thought leaders by showing them that they are powerful enough to create positive change in their communities and around the world.
Founder, Teens in AI & Acorn Aspirations
Elena Sinel
Harriet is an extraordinary woman, a magnetically engaging speaker who uses her power in words to inspire young people from across the globe with her wonderfully engaging keynote on “The Power of You”, providing invaluable insights and strategies on building resilience with numerous practical takeaways that can be applied to improve resilience in everyday life and being your best during tough times. The overwhelming response from Teens In AI participants to Harriet’s keynote was “just what we needed to hear” “inspired” “loved it” “absolutely amazing” “the sky’s the limit”! As a powerful voice, role model, and fierce advocate for gender equality and women’s leadership Teens in AI are truly blessed to have Harriet as an integral part of its global movement and expansion in bringing about real-world change!
Senior Strategic Advisor (Global) to Teens in AI, CEO and Founder, Elena Sinel.
Catherine Blaikie
You can find many more talks on my YouTube channel.
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