Harriet Green


Throughout my career I have been very fortunate in having some great mentors, who have helped me in many ways. Steve Kaufman ex-CEO of Arrow Electronics and now a Harvard Business School Professor, who played a huge part in helping develop my business skills. Sir Peter Gershon, my amazing Chairman at Premier Farnell and former Chairman at National Grid, for his learnings, and the exceptional Sir Roger Carr, Chairman at BAE Systems, for his support during my board tenure. I name here just a few, I have been blessed with many wise and trusted advisors.

I have tried, in return, to be an active mentor for individuals and a coach for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Below are some videos showing mentoring in action, and just a few testimonials from individuals I have worked with.

Mentoring and coaching is relevant to all of us, in all stages of our career, whatever age we are, and should be a true learning partnership for all involved.

Mutual mentoring is important for all of us – to teach, learn and pay it forward. It's something I hugely enjoy and highly recommend.

A great mentor or coach will help guide you to where you want to be plus learn from you as you take the journey of discovery together.

Here are a few top tips for mentoring:

1. Consider who you would want your mentor to be and just ask them! If you would like to be a mentor, offer your services in a LinkedIn post and respond enthusiastically when asked!

2. Take a little personal risk in all this. Remember, 100% of the shots you don't take definitely don't go in… so go take your mentoring shot.

3. Being an active mentor contributes to you being a better hirer, developer of people and winner in the war for talent.

You can find more mentoring advice on my blog, and I invite you to follow my daily posts on LinkedIn.

I was invited to TEDx talk late last year and since this was my first time to embark on the TEDx stage, I wanted to make it big. I reached out to Harriet and she was kind enough to give her feedback and guidance on how to ace my speech. Her inputs gave me a completely different perspective and allowed me to structure my talk in a world class manner. Our engagements continued even after TEDx related discussions and I was able to get her insights on my career and how to maneuver it which has helped me in many ways in achieving my goals. Looking forward to working with her to continuously improve my career.
Global Transformation Lead and Innovator
Muhammad Jawwad Paracha
I have hugely benefited from Harriet’s coaching directly for many years as both a direct report and part of her extended leadership team. She brings immense clarity and focus drawing from her experience of leading global organizations and driving successful transformations. These coaching moments were always structured, hugely insightful and brought my personal and business self into focus. They shaped me to be a better leader and achieve better outcomes than where I would have landed naturally. In short, it was great leadership personified in a coaching moment."
Vice President, Sabre Inc.
Salman Syed
Harriet’s unique perspective creates a balance between coaching, mentoring, and challenging that has helped me, and arguably those who report to me, to learn and grow. Her belief and ability to listen are a powerful combination and she has emboldened me to take on, and succeed at challenges I never believed I could. Her mindset of constant growth helps turn failure into a learning opportunity, and her own extensive global experience is an endless source of knowledge and inspiration.
Chief Communications Officer
Jenny Peters
I have known Harriet for most of my career as a client, friend and business mentor. In any successful business environment having the ability to take tough decisions and bring together a collegiate team mindset can have challenges but ultimately many rewards. As my business mentor, Harriet has brought so many skills to help develop my career, notably years of industry leading experience that comes from a positive and energetic approach, a good listener, constructive criticism, and understanding an individual’s key goals and aspirations. Having an enthusiastic and respectful approach has certainly helped progress my career. For this, I am extremely grateful for all of Harriet's guidance into my journey.
Managing Director, Investec
Stephen Ford
I can only say if anyone gets the chance to be mentored or coached by Harriet seize it with both hands. The laser like insight and direction that is both challenging and put forward in such a constructive way have had an instant positive impact on me and my business. Harriet listens intensely to not just what you say but also what you don’t say! Inspirational and kind – thank you
Entrepreneur and Founder
Jonathan Boase
Harriet has been a tremendously empathetic and balanced coach as I worked closely with her over the past few years. She has a unique style where she coaches with respect and without judgement. Her ability to ask the right questions and have an open dialogue on a myriad of issues ranging from business problems to leadership skills is powerful. Each coaching session with Harriet either enabled me to problem solve creatively or walk away with appreciation for both my strengths and areas of development. That’s the power of a wonderful coach.... The ability to shine light over the right issues at the right time.
Senior HR Exec - Head of ASEAN
Neha Pareek
While working with Harriet for almost 4 years, I received valuable coaching from her on ongoing basis and was able to further develop my leadership and business related skills. The most effective, yet also the most challenging, was to think through what else can be done to gain the desired impact. She often asked questions such as “what do we want to achieve with this,”, “how is it going to be different”, “how are people going to feel about it”, “is this all that can be done”. Although I was confident that the presented plans are good enough, I always realized that there is something more or different to consider.
Former Chief of Staff to Harriet Green at IBM, CEO and Chair, Asia Pacific
Miroslav Hazer
Harriet’s energetic approach has helped me greatly as an early professional. What I value the most about Harriet is her ability to offer candid feedback that one can choose to take with them, and work on to become their best professional self. She listens and offers actionable, practical advice from a set of experiences one could not possibly imagine - with real care for the individual. Above all, Harriet is encouraging and a delight to learn from! This quote describes my experiences with Harriet well - “A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, who has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be,” Tom Landry.
Next Gen Early Professional Rockstar
Emma Cleary
During my year abroad work experience at King’s Business School, I was lucky enough to secure a placement at IBM Singapore in Harriet Green’s office. My experience learning from Harriet and working with her is life changing, she really cared about my time in Asia and has taught me two huge important lessons! Firstly, practical application, get out there, anywhere, and apply what you’re learning at University. Secondly, and Harriet lives and breaths this, never stop learning. The key to success is to be better than you were yesterday, constantly evolving and learn new skills. Whilst I observed Harriet, I also realised she always treats everyone with respect and often says “You never know what the person on the other side of the table is going through therefore you always need to be caring and kind”. I am also learning a great deal of technical knowledge as well, becoming more organized, more responsible, much more educated particularly about international business and its workings. I truly feel lucky that I can call myself a citizen of the world thanks to my parents, Harriet‘s mentorship, and Kings Business School.
King’s College Student 4th year (International Management BSc)
George Kiroyants